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Seven Reasons to Avoid Theme Builders

October 20, 2016

Why coding websites from scratch is better than using a theme builder:

1. You have full control over your website & where it is hosted on the web.

Many website builders (we won’t mention any names) won’t allow you to host your website on another server. In most cases if you wish to change your hosting service provider after using their theme builder to create your website, you will have to rebuild your entire website from scratch.

2. Theme builders say they’re free?

Although you might think that your website is completely free. The smallest tweaks and enhancements to your website are going to cost you more then you bargained for. For example: If you want to remove their companies’ advertising mark from your website, you will more than likely have to purchase the “PRO” version of the theme builder. These prices are generally much higher than paying for regular hosting.

3. Too much freedom.

Theme builders often give clients far too much control over their websites. Often untrained clients will upload images and content that doesn’t match the design of their website and can actually cause more harm than good. Developing a custom CMS system for each client is a far safer route to take as you will be able to set it up to make it very easy for your client to change exactly what they want without the risk of breaking anything on the website.

4. Figuring out how to use theme builders.

Nearly all theme builders have different ways of editing and adding content to their web pages. Most of the time writing out your own code will be quicker than having to figure out how a certain theme builder works.

If there is an error in your theme-built website it generally takes much longer to fix than any errors in your original code.

5. Security!

Because most site builders use the same code for all of their websites, hackers can track their patterns. This makes them a far easier target. Once hackers locate vulnerabilities in the theme builders code, your site becomes an open target!

6. Originality

Theme builders use very similar styles of design, so unless you spend a lot of time customising the theme your website will end up looking like a generic theme.

7. Growth

When writing your own code you are constantly learning and becoming more efficient. Soon enough you are able to face almost any challenge with confidence.