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How did you know you wanted to be a designer?

May 17, 2024

We all have something that draws us into the arts, whether you were drawing on your moms floor or painting pictures of unrecognisable objects in grade 3, we’ve all been there. We all have that moment where we realise what fuels our creativity. 

Some discover their design career through other design fields first, oddly enough most of them couldn’t be any more different. Most creatives born in the 90’s remember searching the web for the first time… it was nasty with limited fonts like Times New Roman, but it was the start of a long, fun (and most of the time stressful) journey for everyone in the design field.

Sometimes it’s not what’s on our screen that introduces us to the world of design, most of the time it’s your surroundings that impact your creativity the most. You could’ve been intrigued by the labels on products, You would stare at them in the store and only wanted to buy them if you liked how they looked. You didn’t care about what the product was, you just liked the labels, colours and design aesthetic.

To this day, good label design will still catch our eyes. Even as kids we would watch Disney movies constantly thinking “How did they draw this?” We cared more about the pretty colourful scenes than we did about Snow White. It was like the most beautiful illustrations and paintings we had ever seen.

This is what opened the door to illustration for us, and the next thing you know, 15 years later you were studying Multimedia Design, Illustration, User Experience Design (UI) or Branding Design.

Soon after graduating, you became an official Graphic Designer and gained experience in the industry working on diverse projects for a variety of different employers and clients, until one day you discovered the endless possibilities of website design. You realised that you had a passion for web design and development because it was enjoyable and relaxing. That was the moment you knew you were a modern digital designer.

Some designers will tell you how they fell in love with computers, others have been Illustrating since they were kids using legacy paint apps on their parents’ Windows PC, and some have been staring at magazine layouts, trying to understand image and text proportions, and what Leading, Kerning and Tracking was?

You may not realise it in the moment but design has always been apart of our lives, like most people it takes understanding what you don’t want to do, to find what you do want to do that makes you happy. 

Whether it was a childhood dream or something you stumbled upon roaming through your favourite store, you always find your way to what is meant for you!

The universe led the creative team at KNOWN to branding, print and website design because we all love what we do.

How did you know you wanted to be a designer?