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Pssst! Is your E-commerce website working … or not?

September 20, 2021

Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore; e-commerce website design isn’t what it used to be.

Whichever way you turn, there are e-commerce merchants, from mom-and-pop or one-(hu)man-bands to affiliates to sophisticated megastores. So: what do they all have in common? Successful e-commerce websites do 2 things: speak to the right people, and make it super easy to buy.

Simple, right? Yes, but also so easy to forget!

In fact, both newbies and been-there-got-the-T-shirt online sellers sometimes forget — and it’s expensive when you do.

Firstly, the “average” web user does not exist
Internet access is, in large parts of the world, available across various demographics, which means:

  • Different ages
  • Different cultures
  • Different goals

What does this mean to you?

Define your target audience before you design your website. Colours, images, wording: what’s attractive and compelling for one tribe, has no value to another.

Secondly, devices run rampant
In Yonder Years, hearts would fill with expectant glee at the sound that will divide generations forever– that shrill dial-up chirp as the household desktop (for work or homework only) connected to the world wide web.

Now? There are more devices than types of pasta.

  • Desktops
  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • Smart Phones
  • Smart TV’s
  • Smart watches
  • Gaming consoles

So, what does this mean to you?

Your e-commerce website must work on all of them. Yup, you heard me.

Use these 4 web design tips and do ecommerce better

So, here are 4 time-tested ways ecommerce web design can work for your customers … and minimise those “abandon cart” moments.

Speedy page loading. Why? Because 9.6% of users will bounce before they’ve even muttered, Mississippi.

Too many, too bright, too ugly visual elements distract from the real deal. If the customer is overwhelmed, they probably won’t even fill the cart. 38% of online shoppers will abandon a site they don’t find attractive (ouch).

Get customers one click closer to closing the deal with intuitively placed menus, clear instructions, compelling calls-to-actions, and prominent BUY NOW buttons. Must-haves include:
– Filtered search functionality
– Product comparison

Here’s something else to keep in mind to make sure the good times (funds) keep rolling in: make it personal! How?

“Start my free 30 day trial”  
“Start your free 30 day trial.”

Which is more powerful?
Use MY instead of YOUR for up to  90% higher click-through-rate

The takeaway: Know your customers. Be there when they need you.
‘Be there’ doesn’t just mean showing up loud and clear on any device from consoles to desktops. It’s also how quickly your website loads; how responsive it is; placing your menu where people expect to find it; and providing easy product search and filtering functionality.

Ready to improve your e-commerce website?

Make it super easy to buy. Speak to the right people.


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