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The Year Your Website Makes It BIG

January 5, 2023

Let’s look New Year Resolutions straight in the eye right here, right now. They have a really dodgy rep . . . and we don’t want any of their shenanigans to ruin our best laid plans. Am I right or am I right?

Here’s the root of their bad reputation: they’re unfriendly.

That’s why fewer than 8% of us actually manage to stick to our New Year Resolutions, obviously. Strava, the running, cycling & hiking app (bless), has done the research and pin point the exact moment of horror. The second Friday in January is called Quitter’s Day.

We don’t mean to be the bearer of bad tidings (which is just rude at this time of year), but a fact like this should make you feel better,

Better how?

How to feel better about New Year Resolutions

Because you’re not the only one who makes big plans that dissolve in the clear light of day. Most of us need a little help sticking to them.

Which brings us neatly to the exciting bit. We’re here to support you to stick to that one resolution that can make a real difference to your business. You know, the one about making a new business a website (or giving your existing one a much-needed overhaul) once and for all!

But why bother? Pah, that’s just Quitters Day talking. Let’s look at the facts. This is why an outdated, slow or boring website needs a shake up:

75% of people base the credibility of a business on the design of it’s website (Stanford)

You just need to know where to start.

Here. Start here.

1. Knowing you…

TELL US about your business and your brand. If your business is called “We Sell Eggs” we still want you to tell us what you do, in your own words. Because no business “just” sells eggs.

There is always #MoreToExplore. Your business has values, a vision, a story. And we want to hear it all!


83.5% of designers, developers, and agencies from the web development industry find it hard to gather relevant information and content from clients. (Atarim, 2022)

2. Knowing them…

Who is your target audience? Fickle bunch they may be, overwhelmed by choice and harder to impress than your mother-in-law, but let’s really get to know them.

Your target market should be based on research, not a gut feeling. You need to go after the people who really want to buy from you, even if they’re not the customers you originally set out to reach. (Hootsuite, 2022)

Start by doing some research on your current customer base. If you don’t have one yet, make a customer wish list! Who will they be? We’re talking demographics, lifestyle choices, consumption habits.

Hot tip: Hardly anyone goes around holding a sign which reads, “I want to buy eggs”.

The more you tell us about who you’re trying to reach, the more we can do to hook them.

3. Knowing what…

…your goals are.

You’ve got #BigDreams and we’re here to help you achieve them!

Did you know that a website aligned to your business goals is a powerful thing?

A huuuge 91% of small businesses don’t take conversion into account when designing their new website, which makes it tricky to tie website goals back to business objectives (WordPress).

So, don’t be alarmed if we start probing you with questions like, “how do you define success?” The more we understand about your vision, the more we can help make it happen.

Let’s do this thang!

Our advice: avoid eye contact with everyone on Friday 13 January.

And . . . talk to us. We’re a friendly bunch who arguably work even harder than those at the North Pole to bring you whatever is on your website wish list.