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Our Website Design And Development Process

October 26, 2022

We start with a consultation to truly understand your business, industry, target audience and long term website goals. A quote is then created based on your website expectations and requirements (Featured content, page types and functionality).

Our designers then produce three Homepage concept designs with different layouts, fonts and colour options. You approve the website look and feel that resonates with you from the initial designs or combine the best elements from each, to complete the desired look & feel that your customers expect. We don’t like to limit our clients and will suggest the best solution for your requirements.

Step 1:

You need a new website for your business, brand, service or products.

Step 2:

We meet to discuss your website expectations in detail. This includes a clear understanding of the featured content, page types and functionality required for your new website.

Step 3:

After the quote is approved and the 50% deposit is received, we proceed with the website design stage. A Brainstorm ensues, where we establish the best way to present your website content in a user-friendly optimised format. We start by creating three Homepage concept designs with various different layouts, fonts and colour options for you to select from (This helps us get inside your head regarding the design direction that you have for your online presence).

NOTE: All clients are responsible for providing all their website image (visual) and text content. We can suggest professional Copywriters, Copy Editors, Photographers and Videographers that we collaborate with on a regular basis. We also have a great resource of Free Stock Libraries for you to use if you r budget doesn’t allow for a bespoke photo shoot.

Step 4:

Once the Homepage look and feel has been approved in writing, we then flesh out the rest of the website page layout designs with the approved look and feel.

NOTE: It is important to include your real website image and text content at this stage to confirm the overall look and feel for the new site (To prevent project Scope Creep).

Step 5:

Once the design stage is finalised and approved in writing, we invoice for the Front-end Development stage. This is where we develop the pixel perfect digital version of your approved flat 2D website flesh-out design (PDF format). We custom develop your website from scratch to ensure it is optimised = No Templates. No Copies. The Real Makoya.

NOTE: We also always include a Content Management System (CMS) so that you can easily update and manage your new website moving forward. We don’t handcuff clients into retainers and include robust WordPress CMS training to empower them to take control.

Step 6:

We custom develop your new website on a secure hosting test environment and share a link with you to approve the digital responsive layout, test the website display and functionality on all your devices for any issues…

Step 7:

After proofing your site for any design or content amendments, we do our final quality control checks before taking your new site live (Let the celebrations begin!)

Step 8:

We put your mind at ease during one of our infamous CMS training sessions, where we explain the best way to manage your website content to ensure that everything is optimised for real results.

NOTE: We are pedantic about detail in order to avoid any room for error, so that you are confident to go forth and conquer the digital world!

Step 9:

We partner with the best Digital Marketing guru in the world. She will monitor your website data in terms of her suggested Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy to make sure it works as hard as possible and gets the right exposure for your brand.

NOTE: Our Digital Marketing expert has her own company and is always available to get involved from the initial concept phase. Her process includes SEO Research (The data never lies!), customised SEO strategy to determine the best sitemap and wireframes for optimised content structure to improve the usability and enjoy best rankings over time (Her experience and IP is priceless!).

Step 10:

If you are not 100% happy, we are not 100% happy. Our ultimate goal is to see you succeed.

We want to grow with you and vice versa – with a long-term working relationship in mind!


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