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Stay Safe From Online Scammers This Festive Season

December 19, 2022

Don’t become a victim to online fraud this holiday (or ever!).

Your online security should be your top priority while enjoying your well deserved break, which is why your bank is constantly improving their online security and fraud prevention strategies. They’re always finding ways to educate consumers and make banking safer. Be aware of the latest scams and protect yourself and your business.

Phishing and Smishing
You will receive an email (phishing) or SMS (smishing) that claims to be from your bank. Never click on any suspicious hyperlinks and please don’t share any of your personal information via email. Always look at the ‘From’ email address because this is usually a dead giveaway. If you share confidential details, you are essentially giving these fraudsters remote access to your online banking profile.

Card and PIN compromise
Don’t approve any messages that you receive from your banking app if you have not requested anything. These scammers are getting smarter and more confident in their attempts to succeed. Fraudsters will change your banking login details remotely and access your banking profile to clean out your accounts.

Remote access
We all know the risks of using public WiFi. The best advice you should listen to, is never to log in to your banking app or online banking profile while using free public WiFi. Fraudsters are able to gain access to your phone and access your secure details on public WiFi. Most local banks don’t charge for data when you access your online banking via their app.

Change of banking details
It’s only human to suspicious when you receive a call or email from a supplier notifying you that they are changing their banking details (NOTE: The new banking details could be fraudulent!). Make it a priority to always verify any suspicious requests that you are unsure of, directly with your contacts at the supplier. Always use the contact details that you know or source yourself.

We have heard of situations where all emails with invoices have been intercepted by hackers, banking details have been updated on the invoices attached to the emails, which are then delivered to the recipient who is awaiting the invoices accordingly… It’s too late by the time they find out that they have paid into the wrong bank account!

Always double check if an unknown number calls you claiming to be from your bank asking for your personal information. Always call your bank yourself on a certified bank number to ensure that you are actually speaking to the right people at the bank that can assist you (Usually scammers tend to get aggressive and pushy – which is a dead giveaway! Banking staff always tend to be pleasant and accommodating with their clients.

Street scam
These scammers approach their innocent victims and offer them cash, data or airtime to do a SIM swap.
They swap your SIM card and then use your cellphone banking details to access your banking profile and access your hard earned cash.

Don’t ever share your phone, SIM or banking PIN with anyone!

ATM card swopping
Don’t allow strangers to assist you at a bank ATM machine. Criminals take advantage of unsuspecting victims by quickly swapping their bank card with a different bank card without them realising it. They memorise your card PIN and access your banking profile to withdraw funds… By the time you figure out what’s just happened, it’s too late!


Here are the some fraud support contact numbers for local banks in South African:

FNB Fraud Line: 087 575 9444

Standard Bank Fraud Line: 0800 222 050

Capitec Bank Fraud Line: 0860 10 20 43

Nedbank Fraud Line: 0800 110 929

ABSA Bank Fraud Line: 0860 557 557

Wishing all our clients a safe and blessed festive holiday and a HAPPY NEW YEAR ahead!