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What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

March 12, 2016

To ensure that your website climbs the rankings on Google, you need to optimise your website design, featured images and text content. With a solid ongoing SEO strategy in place your website will produce positive results and get you featured on page one in the search results. We can help you to ensure that each page is designed and developed for the best SEO results.

+ Climb the page rankings in Goolge search results.
+ Ensure that people will find your product or service.
+ Attract more customers.
+ Convert leads to sales.

SEO Auditing

We conduct a thorough audit of your existing website to determine current rankings, site content, popular pages and sales flow.

+ Understand how your website works.
+ Find out what people are searching for to find your product or service.
+ Get the facts and figures.

Keyword Strategy

Proper keyword research is done to find out which keyword phrases your clients will most likely use to find your business, product or service.

+ Optimise each page to target specific keywords and key=phrases.
+ Help people to find you (before they find your competitor).

On-Site Optimisation

When we know which keywords and key-phrases are going to be most effective, we make the necessary amendments to the website code to optimise your ranking on Google.

+ Include the content that your customers are searching online.
+ Increase your online visibility.
+ Climb the Google rankings in the least amount of time.

Reporting & Analytics

We track your Google Analytics and supply monthly reports to show you visitor growth, sales leads generated and suggest additional site improvements.

+ SEO is not a fixed science and requires an ongoing strategy.
+ Continue optimising your website content for continuous results.
+ You will see increased benefits over a longer period of time.

Benefits of SEO Marketing

Google is where customers go to search for business and contact information when they need a service provider. You want to be visible.

+ Page one is the ultimate goal for credibility.
+ Compete well within your industry.

Attract More Customers

We all have the Google Search bar on our smartphone browser home screen. Your site needs to display on the search results if you want people to find you.

+ Make it easy for potential customers to find you online.
+ Get noticed in real time!

Detailed Reporting of Online Visitors

You need accurate visitor statistics and reports to show you where you need to improve your website to get better online conversion rates.

+ Make your website work hard for you.
+ Attract the right clients and promote your business.
+ Invest in an online marketing budget for your brand.