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Yes mom. Website Design is a real job.

December 23, 2021

“What do you want to be when you grow up”? 

If you were born in the early 2000’s, bet you didn’t answer “Web Designer” when asked as a kid. Back then career dreams that made the Top 10 year after year were doctors, teachers and astronauts. 

This has a lot to do with the admiration kids have for adults or characters in their lives (although personally, not many astronauts came to our family braais).

But, now you have to choose for real.

It’s a new dawn, a new day and a new liiiife for you (or someone you’re trying tactfully to nudge down the digital-brick-road).

So, you want to study web design. Great! The doors are creaking open, the future is blindingly bright (and the salary isn’t to be sniffed at either) but where do you start? Literally.

Opportunities for Africa

“South Africa is bursting at the seams when it comes to web-related skills…the web industry in Cape Town is exploding” (Envato).

The demand for web-professionals and their sleek skills is greater than ever. It’s the place to be, to learn, to develop, and to put those skills to use.

And it goes without saying that no-one gives two hoots about the 300 annual days of sunshine and gloriously mild climes…

(And your mother and aunties will be glad to still have you closeby.)

With career and country chosen, now comes the fun part! 
A web/digital design course can include anything from app design and database development to motion graphics and creative design solutions. 

And whether it’s a University, college or online course that gets you all fired up, South Africa offers it all (with a dollop of Mrs Ball’s chutney).

But which is the right one for you?

  1. What qualifications are you armed with? Entry requirements will differ – worth checking first!
  2. Think about your future – oooh. Do you want to work in printing, publishing or programming? Or within the wonderful world of wacky web design? Career opportunities may be plentiful in SA but what’s YOUR goal?
  3. 10 weeks or 10 months? Have you got all your time to give or are you spinning plates? Consider whether a full or part-time course would fit your schedule.
  4. Online or on-campus? There’s benefits to both.
  5. Suss your budget. Check out course details for price variation.

Whatcha waiting for?

For perusal at your leisure: Study Web Design in South Africa: What are the Options? – Woww

Make 2022 a dazzler!