2Data is a global Mega Vendor Software Specialist - Known Design Co

2Data is a global Mega Vendor Software Specialist

Focusing on software procurement, management and optimisation for their clients.

We were commissioned to redesign their website with a contemporary, optimised fresh new look and feel that matches their established brand identity and resonates with their target audiences, by visually representing the type of featured content that the software procurement industry is familiar with, in the best way possible.

After the website design portion of the project was successfully completed, we custom developed the next iteration of their website as an extension of their brand.

We included the use of customised iconography and visual imagery that reflect the tech industry.

The website is custom designed and developed by our award-winning and experienced team.

Project Overview

We were briefed to design a bespoke and professional website to suit the clients corporate and contemporary brand.

The website is optimised for SEO, with a user friendly interface (UI Design).

The website content structure is optimised for the best flow of content, based on how viewers interact with the website for the best user journey and Google ranking results.

We specialise in long-term working relationships and enjoy collaborating with established brands that understand the power of a robust website and strong online presence.

Our Approach

The aim was to create a website with longevity, that is user-friendly for their clients.

Our client can easily manage their website after launch, via the latest, up to date version of the WordPress content management system (CMS).

All our projects include CMS training (We avoid handcuffing clients into website management retainers and prefer to enable them to manage their website content moving forward).

We created a visually stimulating website that allows users to browse through the 2Data services effortlessly, in the shortest amount of time!

The clients can easily manage the website content via the most up to date WordPress content management system (CMS).

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