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Website Trends For 2018

March 26, 2018

There have been some major digital and technological advancements in recent years including the following:

  • The introduction of ‘Mobile First’ website development.
  • Increased Internet usage in city centres.
  • Widespread use of mobile devices within the general public.
  • Advancements in digital UX (user experience)/UI (user interface) across multiple platforms.

With smartphone usage on the rise, developers need to optimise mobile display, functionality and usability above desktop display. Here are a few trends to keep in mind when designing your new website.


At Known Design we place great emphasis on the importance of optimising your website design according to real-time Google search data. In 2018 we see more websites utilising this exercise to position and align their content for mobile first and appropriate to their specific target audience.

View our ‘What is Search Engine Optimisation?‘ blog for a detailed explanation.

Mobile First Development

In the past we had become used to websites that were non responsive because the concept of mobile-friendly development was not yet a requirement. Since more people own smartphones compared to desktop computers, it is only a matter of time before desktop browsing becomes redundant.

The ‘Burger Menu’ on mobile display has solved many issues regarding the placement of top navigation menu items on a smaller screen. The use of iconography clears up lots of space instead of adding large images causing your site to slow down. Icons are easier to design, better in terms of UX and, in turn, more economical than hiring a photographer.

New Layouts

Symmetrical Layouts still form a big part of intuitive website design that requires a minimal look and feel compared to the alternative creative difference in one of the 2018 trends called ‘Broken Layout’. Broken Layouts boast an asymmetrical design that inspires thinking out-of-the-box for unique and distinctive layouts.

Vibrant Colours

As we progress into the year, we experiment with our choice of colours when designing new websites. Our approach inspires us to take risks with vibrant colour schemes, breaking away from the traditional use of web-safe colours.

With these vibrant colours you can create dynamic gradients and filters to bring life to photographs you would like to display on your site. A subtle gradient may also be used as a background solution to invigorate and make your content standout.

View our ‘Making 2017 A Colourful Year‘ blog for a detailed explanation.

Drop Shadows

Shadows have been used throughout the years to add and create an illusion of depth and perspective within your web browser. It was thought to be unpopular for a while but has made its way back into the world of web through flat design. Drop Shadows work well with UX as it provides users with an emphasis or focal point of a particular product. It brings a new dimension to hover effects and increases the aesthetics of a website look and feel.

Custom Illustrations

Illustrations have the power to keep users engaged more actively than plain text or images on a screen. The story of an illustration can be custom designed according to the needs of the client and specific target audience because the illustration designs are more relatable and offer some sort of personified view of an ‘everyday life’ perspective.

People are stimulated by what they see more than what they hear or read. Custom Illustrations are a great way to captivate users with playful and fun ideas.

Integrated Animations

Particle backgrounds are great for attracting user attention, these are becoming quite popular this year, especially websites that have interesting home page layouts.

Integrated Animations can be included as one of this year’s biggest trends as we progress deeper into the digital age. Websites are now moving away from a traditional static content approach to an interactive direction, such as animation, which vividly communicates ideas to users with ease.

We enjoy creating bespoke websites for our clients that include any of the above trends – Let us know which is your favourite and how we can help you to get what you expect out of your new website?