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Website Design Guide

Dec 20, 2021

Website widths to consider for your mockup In the early 90’s when the first website was created, the standard screen width was 640 x 480px. (ThoughtCo) Now we don’t just have bigger monitors, but more types of devices and their varying sizes to consider as well. Do you know what …

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Briefing Your Web Designer.

Nov 25, 2021

AN ESSENTIAL HOW-TO “Look into my crystal ball,” said the client to the web designer. “Therein lies the answers to all of your questions.” Except the glass orb did not contain the answers. And the web designer, who was skilled in many things, did not have the traits of telepathy …

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Mission E-commerce: The launch of your website.

Nov 8, 2021

The launch of any website is a risky and exciting venture! Arguably, launching an e-commerce website is an even greater one. Some thrive, some flop like a fish out of water. Or belly flop into water like your favourite uncle on the first day of summer. (What you see all …

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What To Do When Your Client Is Wrong.

Oct 19, 2021

“The client is always right.” We’ve all heard that before! Do we believe it? Not always. Should we question it? Um … yes!. Questioning, however, is easier said than done. In fact, it’s as difficult as looking into the wind on a blustery afternoon. It’s the Golden Rule after all, …

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Green Web Design

Oct 1, 2021

There’s Green & Then There’s Green: A Case for Green Web Design Imagine: you’re chatting with your web developer about your new site and you tell them that you want it to be green. They might ask, “British racing green or emerald?”.  But what if you want a green site? …

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Pssst! Is your E-commerce website working … or not?

Sep 20, 2021

Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore; e-commerce website design isn’t what it used to be. Whichever way you turn, there are e-commerce merchants, from mom-and-pop or one-(hu)man-bands to affiliates to sophisticated megastores. So: what do they all have in common? Successful e-commerce websites do 2 things: speak to the right …

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The Science Of Art

Aug 26, 2021

Storytelling as e-commerce Website Design Trend. Selling went from art to science, and then back to art. Why back to art you ask?  Simple:  Sales and marketing teams figured out that people don’t buy cold hard specs. Because, as it turns out, bullet-pointed product facts are 100% unsexy. Sales are …

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How Web Designers Get Inside Your Head

Aug 2, 2021

How to make your website design better with neuroscience What if there was a scientific way to target the hearts and minds of your website visitors? Read on, fellow travellers, read on. This article deals with tapping into the decision making part of the brain to give visitors that warm …

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NeuroMarketing for Website Design

Jul 16, 2021

Creative wizardry combined with neuro design principles creates unbeatable websites. Many of the top web designers have intuitively perceived these principles. But now, neuroscience is not only validating these principles, but is also allowing deeper insight. It gives the web designers who understand, and incorporate these principles, an unfair advantage …

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Neuroscience and website design

Jun 30, 2021

Neuroscience saves web designers time and delivers results. This is how. On the surface, the two fields seem to be chalk and cheese. What you wouldn’t expect is that the practices and foundations of neuroscience are widely used to inform digital and visual design strategy across industries. In other words: …

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